Edarling dating site

eDarling.nl is one of the leading and most well-known online relationship brokers in Europe. EDarling distinguishes itself from other dating sites by the scientifically based personality test and specific partner-matching service.

In the summer, around Christmas and at the start of the new year, the peak season is when it comes to looking for a partner. One of the reasons is that searching for the right partner is time-consuming. That’s why eDarling’s customers look for a partner in their free time. For example, the intensity of use increases in the evenings and weekends and also during the days off after Christmas and the summer holidays.
Especially at Christmas, singles are aware of the fact that they are alone and intend to find the right partner in the new year.
In order to increase awareness and brand awareness among potential customers, enhanced marketing campaigns are being conducted on TV and the internet around this time.